The inspiration for the name “Pony Box” and the logo came from a drawing by Jamie’s daughter. When asked what the drawing was, Tatiana explained, “It’s a pony box, you put everything in it, even your dreams.”

Pony Box Dance Theatre is a 21st century digital dream of Homeric athleticism with Olympian execution. An artful, moving exploration of men in dance, Pony Box Dance Theater aspires to bring the joy and beauty of dance to all people.

Our mission: to push the boundaries of contemporary dance forward and to enrich the lives of underprivileged young people throughout Los Angeles County.

An all male company based in Long Beach, the troupe performs in museums, subways, galleries, parks, and theaters throughout the US and was a finalist at the prestigious McCallum Theater’s Choreography Competition.

art + music + dance + theater= pony box dance theatre

We provide free professional dance classes and performance opportunities for students ages 5-18 both as performers and audience members, in a variety of settings, including community centers, elementary schools, colleges, group homes and juvenile detention halls.


“I love the good energy I feel when I’m watching Pony Box dancers move. For some reason, it’s easy to feel part of the whole experience, there is an invitation in their movement to enjoy and observe and even delight in their efforts and leaps. Then when I understand the ” story” of the moments dance, I feel edified artistically and a bit smiled at emotionally. Im tellin’ you, I really love to watch them dance!”
Denise Ramirez, Long Beach Resident, ALOT participant


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