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Pony Box Dance Academy

Now offering NYC open classes!

Learn more about our masterclass opportunities and university residencies below.


From Zumba to popping, Bollywood to barre workout, Pony Box’s stellar faculty will teach students of all ages how to connect with their bodies, explore their creativity and discover the joy of movement. Online and In-Person classes offered.


Donations from our “Academy” classes support our Best Foot Forward and Dance Renewal Project community programs, which provide professional dance instruction in a variety of settings for those who are not able to afford classes.

If you are interested in booking us to teach, then please contact:

We offer:


NYC Open Classes

In Person and Online, study dance with our incredibly talented and compassionate teaching artists.

In Person Class Fees
Single Class $18
Series of 5 -$15/class $60

Online Class Fees
$5 /Class

Class Schedule coming soon

in January 2023!



We offer 90 minute studio classes designed to meet the needs of your student population, in ballet, modern dance, contemporary, hip hop and Latin social dance that provide an experience of the athleticism and artistry that Pony Box Dance is known for.


Though our primary focus is the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) and Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California, we can arrange for classes in other areas of the country.


University Residencies

Add excitement to your semester by allowing your students to experience workshops with our incredible team of male identifying performers We offer a whole array of classes for college students including:

Dance Making (composition)

Technique (Modern Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Latin Social and Hip Hop)
Funding for Dance Makers
Conditioning for Dancers

In addition we can create a work for your specifically for your students.

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