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In partnership with Center for Empowerment of Healing, we are using ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop as a form of therapy, providing a healthy way for teens to heal from the wounds of sexual trafficking, abuse and/or homeless.  It is our goal to celebrate the beauty of each student through dance and support her/him through her/his entrance into college.

Research emphasizes the importance of including the physical body in trauma treatment, to decrease physical and mental immobility common in young victims. Participation in dance can stabilize the sympathetic nervous system and improve psychological distress in teens. In addition, and critically important, youth will learn to consider dance as a safe coping skill. An alternative to common victim isolation, our participants will experience dance as an option to express their feelings, connect to themselves and others, and lower the chance for post traumatic stress in adulthood.

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Learn more about our partner, Center for Empowerment of Families, http://www.empoweredfamily.org/

Quotes from participants:

I learned Ballet today I never been taught ballet before. It’s very exciting but very hard at first. I’m glad they are teaching me. I love ballet. I always wanted to ballet but I didnt know when or how but I do now.

Today was my first day I felt relaxed. calm and all my stress went away. The teacher is great too!

Today was a lot of fun. I think I experienced a lot of good things and it really brought my mood up.

I feel free in ballet class.

Donations Grow our Program:

$100=5 pairs of shoes

$250=10 costumes for students

$500=Teacher pay for 10 classes

$1000=Healing Through Ballet Angel, social media, printed program and website acknowledgements

If you are a business and would like to become a sponsor, then please email jamie@ponyboxdance.org

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