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Jamie Carabatta

Artistic/Executive Director

Jamie received her MFA in dance at UC Irvine in 2000. As a dancer she performed nationally and internationally, touring the US and Japan.
Jamie has had the honor of receiving numerous major grants, from the National Museum of Dance, NYFA, NYSCA, California Arts Council, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Department of Cultural Affairs, Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, Center for Cultural Innovation and the Annenberg Foundation. 

Her choreography has been commissioned by: Oberlin College, Cincinnati University, CSU Pomona, Dominguez Hills, El Camino, West Los Angeles and Cerritos Colleges,Vineyard Arts, CUNY Dance Initiative, Highways Theater,

Pour L’Art show, CSULB Art Museum and Trunk Gallery. Jamie’s dance, “The Line”, placed as a finalist in the prestigious McCallum Theater’s Choreography Festival. Most recently, her film “No Man is an Island” was screened at ADF’s Movies by Movers.


In 2012, Jamie founded Pony Box Dance Theatre, a bicoastal non-profit committed to sharing the joy and healing power of dance with everyone.

Jamie is certified in pilates and yoga and enjoys art, theater, music, cooking and gardening and has two children.

Visionary, Creator, Educator

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