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Dance on Film by PBDT

"The Game" (2022)

Choreography: Jamie Carabetta, in collaboration with dancers Spencer Everett and Zaki Ajani Marshall Videographer:Angelo Silvio Vasta

Editor: Studs Terkel

Music: James Blake

Production Assistant: Sumire Ishige

The Game looks at the tension between desire, trust, discretion and revelation. The Game is the dance of Introduction. The Game is played in public spaces in our desire to overcome post lockdown loneliness. The Game is a dance of self-expression. The Game is played between two, or more, players.


Made possible with support from NYSCA.

"Heavenly" (2022)

Concept/Choreographer: Jamie Carabetta

Music: Daisyhouse

Performers: Delaney Washington & Spencer Everett

Videographer: Angelo Silvio Vasta

Video Editor: Studs Terkel

Production Coordinator: Sumire Ishige

love is a state of mind



Made with support from Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles

Dance in the Districts Program

"No Man is an Island" (2021)

Concept/Choreographer: Jamie Carabetta

Videographer/Composer: Doug Hammond

Creative Assistant: Elijah Laurant

Performers: Raymond Ejiofor, Elijah Laurant, Robert Mason, Tamir Rios

John Donne wrote in 1624: “Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.”

"No Man is an Island" is an affirmation of our basic desire for connection to one another told through the medium of Dance for Camera. More specifically, it is a social document exploring the isolation arising from the virus lockdown of 2020 as four dance artists of color reach out to one another in the cleared streets of NYC.

"The Vision" (2019)

Concept/Choreographer: Jamie Carabetta

Director/Editor/Composer: Doug Hammond

Performer: Elijah Laurant

Cinematographer: Sean Allen Russell

Camera Assistant: Aaron Pryor

Production Assistant: Janelle Reyes

Excerpt from "The Quick (Living) and the Dead

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