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Company Artists

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Pony Box Dance Theatre is an award winning contemporary dance company. Comprised of diverse male artists, the troupe’s performances – set to original scores – are recognized for their physically powerful, visually compelling and soulful aesthetic.

Led by visionary founder and Artistic Director Jaime Carabetta, the company presents an annual season in New York City and Los Angeles and regularly tours throughout the United States and internationally. Audiences are drawn to the sheer physicality and immediacy of Pony Box’s performances.

Our dancers hail from every corner of the world and have danced with major New York companies, including Ailey, Gallim, Petronio, Sidra Bell Dance, and Joshua Beamish's MOVE. 

What sets us apart is our preference for using first tier performers and raw physicality in conjunction with original scores, in expressing the challenges of what it means to be human in the early 21st century.


Connor Mulligan Lighting Designer

Gabby Grywalski Costume Designer

Angelo Vasta Videographer

Nir Arieli Photographer

Vaughn Trapp Composer

Studs Terkel Video Editor/Colorist

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Pony Box is not rule bound.

We strive to increase the expressive range of choreography with male-identifying artists.

We are "theatre" because we are about the audience's experience. We seek to expand the range of dance, not diminish it.

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